Why you should choose to study Social Work

If you are looking for a profession through which you can help people and provide support, then why not consider the social work?

This work will surely suit you if you are a very versatile and active person, and want to cover many areas from medicine and psychology to law.

The main goal of people working in the social sphere is to provide support and assistance to people in difficult situations. Thus, you help them to return to normal life in society. In this case, you will have to interact with people who have experienced violence or those who are addicted to drugs or with people who are in a difficult financial situation. As a rule, social workers can work in various medical institutions (hospitals, psychiatric clinics), schools and many other institutions where people can seek help.

If you want to change the world and make it a little kinder, here are a few reasons to choose a speciality social worker.

  • Can you make this world a better

The main goal of social workers is to help people in difficult situations. By helping people, you give them hope that this world is not so cruel. And thanks to you, the life of every person who asks for help can be better. And so, step by step, you are changing this world for the better. To overcome addiction, to find a good job, to restore psychological balance – many people cannot cope with it on their own. That’s why they need the help of social workers. This contribution to the betterment of another person’s life is priceless.

  • The opportunity for career growth

You, as a social worker, will be given a choice of place of work. You will choose what type of people you want to work with.

At the moment, the widest area of social work is work in clinics. People working in this field have medical education.

Some social workers prefer to work with children. If the same specialists working with people suffering from various addictions. People can contact them directly by visiting the hospital or contact a public organization, and in this case, the social worker himself will visit the client. But, in order to get this position, you need to have a master’s degree in social work.

  • Good and stable income

According to some reports, the average salary of social workers is about $ 60 000 per year. But it is worth noting that the amount itself depends largely on the specialization of the social worker and the district.

Many employees have a good chance to move up the career ladder, as hard work suggests that social service employees can easily overcome difficulties and be more flexible for different situations that arise during work.

  • A great opportunity to get an education online

And since progress does not stand still, many have the opportunity to get an education remotely. The advantage of this method is that you can study right at home or in the office, and indeed anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Working as a social worker also has this advantage. So work or study online is a very modern trend.

Where can I get an online education?

Adelphi University offers can provide you with such an opportunity! Training in social worker offers the program, compiled by experts with years of experience. At the same time, you will be given the opportunity to attend classes in full-time form every year, which will improve your communication skills when communicating with fellow students. In this course work, you can take online.

In our University, you will get all the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the field of social work, and professional teachers will provide you with support and advice online.