Ofsted Call for More Attention to the Safety of Schools and the Personal Security of Students

After numerous checks, it turned out that many schools under the banner of Steiner have a low level of protection. The government of England asks to change this situation for the better. The head of the organization questions the future of schools that receive public funding after they were opened as part of the free school program.

The chief inspector of schools in England, Amanda Spielman, said in a message to the minister that the government need to study the issue of school safety more carefully and find out why such problems and violations occur. She also calls on the government to close those schools that in a short time won’t cope with the comments and improve the security situation.

The chief inspector is concerned about the results of the research, as they demonstrate the complete lack of children’s protection in schools, which is unacceptable for schools in England. Children who attend such schools are not protected and also they receive an unqualified education.

She claims that the inspectors very often meet with the terrible treatment of teachers to students, sometimes these violations even involved physical violence. The most surprising is the fact that the governors of the city often ignore the appeals of parents about this and the problem is not solved at all.

Comprehensive Inspection of Public and Private Steiner Schools

Recently, nine state and private Steiner schools underwent comprehensive Ofsted checks and it is striking that six of them were rated as inadequate and received the lowest marks. These indicators suggest that improvements are required immediately in the education system.

Three schools from different cities, which are funded by the state, were subjected to special measures. The academy which is located in Hereford received a mark “good.” According to the latest DfE data, students from Hereford have noticeably graded, their academic performance has improved significantly.

Although the results in Hereford turned out to be very positive, the fact of violations in other cities is still present and this cannot be ignored. An Austrian writer with non-standard opinions about the upbringing of a child has developed his own system by which Steiner schools teach children. By following this system, a child can learn at his own tempo, without keeping to the pace of other children in the classroom. Kids are not taught to write and read until they go to school.

An organization that represents the interests of Steiner kindergartens and schools said that there should be no compromise on matters related to the education and safety of children. Every institution that has the status of a school have to cope with their proper responsibilities.

When the minister responded to Spielman’s letter, he said that special attention should be paid to school inspection reports finding out what lies behind those schools that violate generally accepted safety standards. He also declared that if governors were changed in public schools, violent measures would be taken for private schools in case of zero changes for the better.

It became known that there was a very bad approach to children with disabilities and to retarded students. Many teachers from those schools that did not pass the test, began to accuse the students whose letters appeared at Minister’s hands.